Forney Museum of Transportation- 2012 Volunteer Appreciation Awards

The Forney Museum of Transportation has been a staple of Denver’s culture since it’s inception.  Originally incorporated in 1961 by J.D. Forney to display the private collection of vehicles that he had acquired over the years.  The collection now includes over 500 vehicles, ranging from 100+ year old bicycles to the number 4005 Big Boy locomotive.

We have been volunteering at the Forney Museum since 2008, and we have enjoyed every event or project that we have been involved with.  When we were asked to design and fabricate the volunteer appreciation awards we were truly thrilled.  The volunteers are the true life-blood of the museum, just last year the total hours given to the Forney Museum was 8100!  Being able to help recognize the effort put forth by the top 17 volunteers was a great opportunity, and one that we look forward to doing next year and into the future.

Inspired by the iconic entrance to the museum- we designed the awards to pay tribute to the building that the volunteers work so hard to keep running smoothly.


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